Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007


21.10.2007, Sunday
Yesterday we wanted to see whats going on in Nagpur city on saturday nights. After a beer we left rainbow and found out that all doors and gates were already looked. So we had to sneak out the backentrance, climb over the fence. Streets were empty, a new experience in india. Unfortunately there was no party giong on on the festival place but huge statues of Rama, Ravana the daemon king were bulit for todays festival final. We already wanted to leave when we saw a bunch of well-dressed brahmans and sikhs standing around, eating. While having a closer look, someone invited us to have dinner from the buffet. Then a woman approached us, telling the organisator would like to talk to us. This slightly arrogant, western dressed men told us, that for the final, we needed entry passes and he would like to invite us. After waiting some 30 minutes, we finally got the V.I.P ticket in kind of an audience (we were asked to come to a room behind the field, the organisator sitting with some other men on chairs, he proudly handed over the ticket.. ) for today, we postponed our plan to visit nearby temple ramtek, because all busses are free for the villagers today to give them the possibility to come to Nagpur.

Ich musste mir uebrigends heute morgen selber eingestehen, dass ich ein alter Angsthase bin. Habe mich ertappt, wie ich letzte Nacht nach dem Lesen von Joy Fieldings „Schau dich nicht um“ bei ca. 30 Grad Raumtemperatur mit geschlossenen Fenstern geschlafen habe, aus Angst das Rick Ferguson in die 3. Etage geklettert kommt.

Fritz, danke noch mal fuer das Buch von Rafik Schami, war sehr schoen und derzeit sehr passend.

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