Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Upcoming Chapatti Crisis?

16.10.2007, Tuesday

A very productive day after our more or less laid back week on the countryside. We today updated two broschures, researched contacts of journalists of indian newspapers for a press release, wrote our first press release about the diagnostic camp and finished a poster about the slumwork of ES. Puhh. In the evening first symptoms of a chapatti crisis – we went to a nearby cafe and had: chocolate phantasie, chocolate brownie, latte machiato, chicken sandwich and chocolate sparkle. Then bought cream cheese crisps and went to the festival field.. The festival was an interesting thing. In the middle of the field there was a huge space for folkloric dancers in beautiful costumes. Next was a smaller field for unprofessional dancers. People were sitting in chairs around the fields, holding drumsticks. Alcohol was not offered so the atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. I expected something more frantic and chaotic. Maybee people are just saving energy for the final after 9 days. We ll see.

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