Dienstag, 27. November 2007

Slum Visit

Ecumenical Sangam is not only working in the villages south of Nagpur but also in 8 slums. So today, Mr. Bruce Sir (who will unfortunately leave us tomorrow), Arvo and I visited a sewing and tailoring class that is held in a slum community hall (a room, provided by Sangam with window grills to secure the sewing machines and equippment) . The slums themselves differ, the one we went to is a legal slum and therefore people started to built their houses of concrete and bricks instead of plastic sheets and corrugated iron. My first and of course subjective impression was that the atmosphere in the slum was different from the villages'. On our way to the community hall we passed some badly drunk and not so friendly looking folks, children here were dirtier and streets were lined with rubbish and other stuff. Around ten girls attended the 6-month course which is a great means of empowerment for them. After finishing the class they can earn their own money by sewing clothes and therefore stand on their own feet. Our visit naturally caused a lot of curiosity among the slum dwellers, especially the kids, so after a while the community hall was turned into a playground. Fortunately, Bruce and Arvo are perfect bouncers and so we got rid of the nags soon. (Pics: the slum sewing class, sewing class teacher Mamta Walde showing her latest work, slum kids, accomodation and Arvo on his way to the community hall)

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