Dienstag, 29. April 2008

Plüschow - bei Naschendorf

Hier mal ein paar Bilder aus Plüschow (ist bei Naschendorf). Der gestresste Städter kann hier hervorragend: In den Wald rufen, Angeln, Fischbrötchen für 1€ futtern, mit kaltblütigen Pferden schmusen, den Garten umbuddeln, Gemüse anpflanzen, Holzhacken, gruselige Skulpturen für den Garten basteln, Blumensträuße pflücken...

Sonntag, 27. April 2008



Dienstag 29.4.2008 in Hamburg Barmbek

16.00- 18.00 Uhr
Kundgebung und musikalisches Warm-up: Barmbeker Busbahnhof (Fuhlsbüttlerstr./ EckeDrosselweg)

18.00- 22.00 Uhr
Antifaschistisches LKW-Konzert: U/S- Bahnhof Barmbek/ am Museum der Arbeit

Folgende Bands und Musiker werden bei dieser Veranstaltung ihr musikalisches Statement gegen den geplanten Aufmarsch von Neonazis der “Freien Kameradschaften” und der NPD am 1. Mai 2008 in Hamburg-Barmbek abgeben und damit die breite Mobilisierung zur Verhinderung des Aufmarsches unterstützen:

schneller autos organisation
holger burner & phillie brandt
jan delay
miss leema
silly walks soundsystem
knarf rellöm trinity

Mittwoch, 23. April 2008

India Map

Tata, habe es endlich geschafft, den HTML code für die google Karte einzubinden. Die Karte wird noch vervollständigt, aber hier schonmal eine Grobübersicht, wo wir überall waren...

Donnerstag, 17. April 2008

Finally: The Xenophobes Guide to the Estonians

Thanks to my fabulous teampartner Arvo we can now have an insight into the world (of thoughts) of the Estonians;) - In India our most beloved evening literature was the "Xenophobes Guide to the Germans", for those who did not read Arvos blog.
Here are some questions to check if you are Estonian. And some pictures - no, they are not stereotyping at all;)

You know you are from Estonia when...

1. You use the word 'normal' if something is ok.
4. You know that going to the sauna is 80% about networking and 20%
about washing
5. You are nationalistic about Skype (it is actually an Estonian company)
8. You actually believed for a while that Latvians had 6 toes per
foot when you heard that as a child
9. You are convinced that Estonia is very strategically located
11. You can quote films like "Viimne reliikvia" and "Siin me oleme"
13. Words like "veoauto", "täieõiguslik" or "jää-äär" sound perfectly
pronouncable to you
15. There can never be too much sarcasm
18. It would not be suprising for English-speakers to find your name
naughty (Peep, Tiit, Andres [sounds like undress]) or hippy (Rein,
20. You say 'Noh' (sounds like NO) even when you speak English, just
to confuse people
24. Your best friend's girlfriend is your English teacher's daughter
and they live next door to your grandparents, who were colleagues with
your advisor, who is friends with your...
25. You think that any beverage below 20% is non-alcoholic
30. You put ketchup inside your pasta (french-cooked gourmet faire la
fine manger pasta) in order to not to get the ketchup-bowl dirty
31. You cheated on your wife/husband at least ten times but you still
think you're in a good marriage.
32. When someone asks you "where is Estonia?" you quickly reply that
it's located in Northern Europe close to Finland...
33. Your grandmother's "purse" is an old plastic bag that has been
reused several times
34. Sour cream tastes good with everything
35. A foreigner speaks to you in broken horrible Estonian and you go
on and on about how wonderful their Estonian is compared to "the
37. You have heard the phrase "Estonians are slow" at least once
41. You consider running to the shop at 19.50 on Friday evening to
buy some booze, a sport
45. You don't think that terviSEKS is a funny word
51. You want truth and justice (tõde ja õigus) to rule the world
53. You know that love for 3 oranges is not a weird sex thing and the
phrase "x 6 me" makes absolutely sense

Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

Full GLENergy in Slowenia

It was sooo nice to meet all the Glennies again - in beautiful Slowenia near beautiful Trieste (and Lubiljana and Venezia, unfortunately not enough time to visit!!) This time , also the Glennies who went to Africa attended the seminar. So a lot of new faces, too... We discussed some interesting topics, reflected about our project in our fabulous India tutorial, learned about the other projects, planned Global Education Activities, built a Hamburg Think Tank for Global EducationActions during the climate summit this December in Poznan, brainstormed, connected - and of course - partied. On the 23 hrs. journey back I had a nice stop in Trieste with Sarah, Viola and Martin. Here are some impressions...

P.S: I am not dressed as a cat. The party-motto was GLENergetic heads, so I used some GLEN moderation cards to dress up...